Porto Tasty: Vila do Conde has now a space with suites - and there are only 5

Vila do Conde has now a space with suites - and there are only 5

In the Casa do Rio Charm Suites all (five) suites have names of poems of the poet José Régio. And with prices ranging from € 90 to € 130.

“Cântico Negro”, “Sabedoria”, “Soneto do Amor”, “Fado Português” and “Poema do Silêncio”  are names of five poems by the Portuguese poet and writer José Régio. Now, they give name to five suites in the new space of Vila do Conde, the Casa do Rio Charm Suites.

The increase in tourism, the beauty of the building (in the meantime rebuilt) and the "excellent" location motivated the owner, Sérgio Ribeiro, to open the house, which, being near the river Ave, has always been dubbed "Casa do Rio".

Here everything works by code, given at the time of check-in, which allows access to the room itself and to the entrance of the House. In order to allow the autonomy of the people, the reception has no service available 24h, but is always given a series of contacts, in case of emergency.

All five rooms are different. The “Cântico Negro” (€ 120), for example, has a terrace, the "Sabedoria" (€ 115) and the "Fado Português" (€ 105) overlooks to the river Ave and the "Soneto do Amor" (€ 130) is equipped with an extraordinary soaking tub. The "Poema do Silêncio" (€ 90) is the cheapest option.

Fado Português
Poema do Silêncio
Soneto do Amor
Cântico Negro
Equipped with Wi-Fi, built-in glass TV, a SMEG kettle, a minibar with drinks and breakfast included. So are the five suites of this Casa do Rio, inaugurated on June 25, 2017. And the air conditioning comes with an excerpt from the room poem to read and reread.

The room is also endowed with private bathroom (with Ach Brito products) but without division. "The goal is to be open space," confesses Beatriz Rocha Constantino, a receptionist in the space who says that, of all suites, the "Soneto do Amor" is usually sought, for example, for relax and wedding nights or for wedding anniversary festivities .

Some suites can take up to three people. "For example, a couple and a son, aged 12 years," continues the receptionist, Beatriz, who ensures that "adhesion has been very good," although they are still starting.

Breakfast Area
As well as having a small kitchenette and wine shop, where people can take a bottle and drink a glass of wine, Casa do Rio Charm Suites offers other activities in partnership with Lusitano Tours.

Breakfast Area
The reservation can be made through Booking or through email or telephone. It is advisable to do so in advance.

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Images courtesy of Casa do Rio Charm Suites

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