Porto Tasty: Directly from New York, Brooklyn beer arrived in Porto

Directly from New York, Brooklyn beer arrived in Porto

It's called Brooklyn the new craft beer coming to the Portuguese market. In Portugal, will be distributed by Unicer, holder of brands such as Super Bock or Água das Pedras. 

At a time when there is a growing trend towards the consumption of artisanal beers in the country and an expectation of finding greater diversity, with demand for imported craft beers, Brooklyn beer now comes to Portugal.

The place chosen for the official launch of the brand in Portugal was Bonaparte Baixa, a typical British pub, where there are already imported beers like Erdinger, Bitburger, Duvel or Carslberg and to which it now joins Brooklyn.

With a modern and urban image, it is in the national market in 3 varieties of beers - Lager, East IPA and Naranjito - mixing different flavors and aromas, ideal to accompany a conversation with friends, in bars, cafes or esplanades in a late afternoon or night.

They will be available in 350 mililiter lost-weight bottles for bars and cafes and will have a recommended retail price of 3.5 euros. In this case, it is the intention of the brand to distribute it first in contemporary bars and in places where craft beers has expression.

Founded in 1987 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, the Brooklyn brand has repositioned quality craft beers as well as promoting the brewing culture in the country of origin, the USA, reaching today more than 15 countries.

Photography: Porto Tasty/Margarida Ribeiro 

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